How To Cumulus Your Language

As with all products, there is a learning curve. It's no different with the use of the Cumulus Translator - in Your language gadget, available on any of Roberto's Blogs, or Nitecruzr's Blogs. We utilise the Google Language Tool for 'on the fly' translations.

If you look on this page, you'll see the set of flags - just waiting for you to 'click' on them.

Using the Cumulus Translator - in Your language gadget, the 'Multi-Lingual Translator', is easy. Once you have it installed correctly, in an html/javascript page element on your blog, it's a snap to use. Using the gadget is straight forward, as these images will show.

From your original blog, choose the language you want, by clicking on the corresponding flag. If you do not recognise any flag, hover your mouse over each one until you find the one you want. A pop-up will tell you which language is available on that flag. There is code-set (see this blog) currently available for English-written blogs, as well as for 11 Foreign language blogs! So, if your blog is written in, say, Spanish, your readers will be able to translate it back to their spoken word!

There are 50+ languages available on each code-set, and more to be added. The following images show you around the Translator.

Image 1 - The Cumulus Translator - in Your language gadget, on this blog.

Image 2. - Select a language (note: the pop-up)

Image 3.
- The blog has now been translated to the chosen language, by Google Language Tool.

Image 4. - Features of the Google Language Tool.

Image 5. - Changing the translation language

Image 6. - Viewing the Original blog, whilst still using the Language Tool

Once on the translator screen, you can navigate to the original language without leaving the translator. Simply select 'Original' view. Then, hover the mouse over any word, or phrase, to have it translated.

You'll also notice when you look at the above image, there is a 'pop-up' showing. When you hover your mouse over a word, or phrase, and you'll see Google has also provided an option which allows you to 'contribute' a 'proper/decent' suggestion for better wording. Google realises that sometimes a word may vary in meaning, from region to region, or dialect, so they give you the chance to make suggestions which would be more suitable.

If you have finished viewing the blog in a chosen language, and wish to return to the original blog, simply click on the return arrow (top left corner of your screen)!

We hope you enjoy using Cumulus Translator - in Your language!


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